RCB Management was established in 1986 and has been actively involved as a Business Advisor, investor and owner/operator in multiple industries.

Our team takes a very hands-on approach to assess the current state of your business, identify strengths, vulnerabilities, opportunities and in some cases unrealized assets.

Initial consultations are free, and we provide you with a straightforward answer if we believe we are the right fit for your needs or not.


  • Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, Human Resources & Insurance Coverage Cost Analysis
  • Margin & Profitability Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Position analysis
  • Strength of Digital & Social Media Presence
  • Blueprint for Growth and Revenue Diversification
  • Exit Strategy
  • Capital & Debt Raising


RCB has been an innovative leader in workers’ compensation cost containment and cost reduction.  Our expertise can assist you in understanding the underside of workers’ compensation and empower you take control of your workers’ compensation expense.


RCB can help you break out of the annual ritual of double digit increases in health insurance premium.  RCB is not a health insurance broker but rather an independent advisor with only your interest in mind.  We worked directly with an insurance wholesaler and TPA to develop an exclusive private plan for small and mid-sized employers.  By providing fully transparent claims and loss run data, our interests are mutually aligned to provide high quality coverage while keeping your premium cost down.


What is a PEO? A is a Professional Employer Organization, providing full-service outsourcing of your human resources, known as co-employment. In this arrangement, the PEO performs employee administration tasks, such as payroll and benefits administration.

What is the value of a PEO? PEO’s manage multiple small businesses creating a larger pool of employees and benefits options. The collective creates much stronger buying power that a small business may have shopping alone.  While the buying power is collective, each company remains independent. Therefore, PEOs can negotiate lower group insurance costs and unemployment insurance rates.

 Added Value: Human Resources is a big expense for small and especially growing businesses.  Compliance regulations, payroll and benefits administration require a significant capital investment with an unqualified ROI.  Moreover, an inexperienced HR department will inevitably cost you money by overpaying for insurance and benefits.  Nearly 80% of companies operating in multiple states create errors in payroll taxes.

 PEO Workers’ Compensation:  Perhaps the biggest benefit to small businesses is workers compensation.  A good PEO provides its own underwriting and risk profile.  They have a more personal relationship with each company and are proactive in reducing risk.  Once you enter the PEO your premium is “pay as you go” based on your actual payroll and you are no longer subjected to audits.   It is a more predictable and lower-cost expense.

Not all PEO’s are created equal.  RCB will help you determine if a PEO is right for your business but more importantly which PEO is right for your business.


RCB has been an innovative leader in business success for many years.  Our expertise can assist you realizing the full potential of your business.




Randy Baker


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